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Tentspaces TTT1316

Tentspaces TTT1316

Tentspaces TTT1316 is a triangular tent designed especially for people who love camping in the nature.

The tent is designed with sustainable materials which are eco-friendly and long lasting. The triangular frame of the tent is made by double layered fireproof wood which is robust. High strength PVDF material is used as cover on the frame making the tent waterproof against the rain. The tent is easy to build with minimum effort and can be installed at any location. The robust structure of the tent enables you to build your long term vacation home anywhere in the world.

The tent can be used as a vacation home, resort villa or even a seating area in your backyard for your friends and family.

Model Number Size Length Indoor area square feet Price
TTT1316 13 ft 20 ft 258 sq ft $14,950
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Frame: Double layered fireproof wood
Canopy: PVDF material, Flame retardant, Water proof, UV protection (UV50+), Anti-mildew
Base: Strong base foundation with reinforcements
Floor: Fireproof wood
Doors: Tempered glass door with fingerprint lock
Other: Wall: Tempered glass walls on front and back
Ventilation: Tempered glass door at front and tempered glass wall on the back side
Insulation: Optional: Thermo insulated liner
Heating: Optional: Wood stove or mini HVAC
Cooling: Optional: Mini HVAC
Toilet: Optional: Integrated modular toilet with shower according to user choice // *Toilet not included in the tent price
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