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Polaris TYL Dome Tents

Polaris TYL Tents

Polaris TYL Dome Tents are panoramic eco-friendly tents which are designed with All-Wood structure for a sustainable living which is closer to the nature.

All materials used in construction of these tents are sustainable and ecological especially made for the people who love nature and want to be closer to the nature. Polaris tent features special eucalyptus plywood floor base with PVC waterproof floor cloth providing a perfect luxurious interior to the tent which is practical as well beautiful. The PVC coated synthetic fiber cloth cover is stretched tight on the strong wooden frame which maintains the tension making the structure of the tent robust and powerful. Panoramic windows are installed on the sides of the tent which have high light transmittance and provide perfect panoramic views of the nature.

Polaris TYL tents are available in various sizes and shapes for your perfect glamping experience

Model Number Size Floor area Price
TYL Polaris 5300 Round 16×16 ft 212 sq ft $10,950
TYL Polaris 5600 16×20 ft 320 sq ft $12,850
TYL Polaris 5700 16×23 ft 368 sq ft $14,800
TYL Polaris 5800 16×26 ft 416 sq ft $15,975
TYL Polaris 5900 16×30 ft 480 sq ft $17,950
TYL Polaris 6100 16×33 ft 528 sq ft $19,650
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Frame: Strong eucalyptus wood
Canopy: PVC coated synthetic fiber cloth, Flame retardant, Water proof, UV protection (UV50+), Anti-mildew / Colors: White, Sand Yellow, Black. Silver Gray
Floor: Eucalyptus plywood with PVC waterproof floor cloth / Optional floor accessories: - Hard PVC lock wooden floor; - Double-sided laminated waterproof plywood; - Indoor floor frame
Windows: Transparent PVC film
Doors: PVC zipper door
Ventilation: Breathable cover & PVC windows
Heating: Optional: Mini HVAC
Cooling: Optional: Mini HVAC
Toilet: Optional: Integrated or separate modular toilet with shower according to user choice / *Toilet not included in the price
Other: Add-ons Optional: PVC curtain, PVC rain screen, Exhaust fan, Inner insulation cotton, Hard PVC lock floor, Outdoor elevated platform // Power & Water supply: Solar or Generator. Can be connected to existing electrical and water supply
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