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Discover the Finest Luxury Tent Supplier in the USA and the world

The Luxury Tents Innovator

Outdoor Adventures Reimagined

Tentspaces is a global tent supplier of high-quality luxury tents for glamping and outdoor living carefully assessed by the tent specialists of the company. The team of experts in luxury glamping tents has decades of experience in outdoor living and adventures, providing customers worldwide with the best luxury glamping tents based on their preferences and needs.

The innovative outdoor living is accustomed to Tentspaces’ parent company Dyester Group, USA’s leading outdoor brand-selling lifestyle company. Led by its Founder and CEO Barry Sendach, Tentspaces introduces a new way of enjoying outdoor living by bringing people closer to nature.

Tentspaces’ luxury glamping tents for sale have been crafted to exceptional standards and have passed the rigorous quality tests of both Europe and ISO, guaranteeing that these tents are suitable for use in all climates and on any terrain.

At Tentspaces, our tent specialists are dedicated to helping you find the perfect luxury tent for your outdoor adventures. We provide detailed information so you can make an informed decision and create unforgettable experiences with your family, no matter where you want to go. With our tents, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and quality time with those you love.

New Technology

About our Tents

Our luxury tents are made from high-quality materials regarded by European and ISO standards. Here’s the general description of our luxury glamping tents.


Tents can vary in size by diameter between 10 ft to 164 ft. Specific measurements are provided for each tent unit.

Assembly & Maintenance

Tents are designed for easy assembly; no technical skills are needed and require little maintenance. The PVC tent covering is UV resistant and can be cleaned easily.




The frame is galvanized steel with stoving varnish. Galvanized steel is the best outdoor frame, as it is low maintenance, rust-resistant, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The stoving varnish empowers the galvanized steel making it resistant to acid, salt, saline solutions, greases, and more.



The canvas is typically 850g/sqm double PVC-coated polyester with PVC custom bay window. The PVC-coated polyester is a waterproof flexible fabric best for glamping tents and permanent outdoor living spaces.

Weather Resistance

Weather Resistance

Tentspaces luxury glamping tents are designed for extreme weather conditions.

Wind Resistance: 100km/hr
Snow Load: 75kg/sqm
Temperature Resistance: -30 degree Celsius and +70 degree Celsius

*Tents vary in temperature resistance. Specific information can be found on each tent unit.

Certified Quality Materials

Certified Quality Materials

UV resistance, waterproof, flame retardant to European standards (DIN 4102 B1, M2)




2 years (subject to inspection)

Tents leading Manufacturer

Our Mission

Tent Spaces carries one of the largest selections of luxury tents. Except we don’t stop there. At Tent Spaces we believe in making our customers’ visions a reality. Low prices and high quality are the basis of our business.

We offer fully customizable luxury tents options to fit our customers’ every need. From your glamping tents or permanent outdoor living to stunning corporate venues, we can do it all. Our clients range from individual buyers looking for a taste of the outdoor life to multinational corporations and government agencies. If you’re a corporation of any size or maybe you just love being immersed in the outdoors, we can take your dreams and build a Tent around it.

Our purpose is to create living spaces and amazing venues that support a healthy planet, active communities, and a clean way of life using Tents. We are constantly thinking of new ways to reduce our carbon footprint through new and creative production methods.


Eco Partners

Tenspaces is the best supplier of state-of-the-art luxury glamping tents made from high-quality canvas and structure with less environmental impact.

Nature Advocates

We support individuals in their quest for responsible outdoor adventures. As advocates of preserving nature, we aspire to provide luxury tents where you can add some modern home features to inspire camping and glamping enthusiasts to immerse in nature more.

We take our impact on the environment seriously to ensure that your tent is the most eco-friendly possible. Guiding innovations for a healthier, cleaner, and tent filled future.

Worldwide Shipping

Your luxury glamping adventures are possible anywhere in the world! Tentspaces offers domestic and international shipping.

Your logistics department will arrange the shipment of your glamping tents to your designated location.

Worldwide Shipping
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