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Tentspaces TAK2300/TAK9400

Tentspaces TAK2300 and TAK9400

Tentspaces TAK2300 and TAK9400 are artistically designed for adventurers who want to combine luxury living with camping experience. Architecturally engineered design of tents make a robust structure with efficient use of durable materials to create a perfect camping experience for you which is suitable for all weathers

Model Number Length Height Indoor area square feet Price
TAK2300 23ft 11.8ft 269 sq ft $6,100
TAK9400 29.5ft 11.8ft 377 sq ft $7,200
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Frame: Galvanized steel pipe / Optional: Round solid Wood
Canopy: PVC, Flame retardant, Water proof, UV protection (UV50+), Mildew proof
Internal Cover: Canvas/Oxford, Water proof, UV protection (UV50+), Flame retardant
Base: Strong base foundation with steel reinforcements
Windows: Netted canvas with canvas zipper
Doors: Canvas fabric with zip
Ventilation: Netted canvas windows on opposite sides
Insulation: Optional: Cotton+Canvas
Heating: Optional: Wood stove or mini HVAC
Cooling: Optional: Mini HVAC
Toilet: Optional: Integrated modular toilet with shower according to user choice / *Toilet not included in the dome price
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